Pandabrush - 360° Automatic Toothbrush


Pandabrush is the world's first, fully automatic toothbrush. It brushes all your teeth at once—all you have to do is press a single button, wait just 15 seconds, and you’ll have perfectly clean teeth!

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Let's face it: brushing your teeth is not exactly the sexiest thing on Earth. You have to squeeze, scrub, gargle, spit, rinse and floss every morning and evening, every day of your life. Many of us hate brushing our teeth so much that we avoid doing so whenever possible—even though we know we shouldn’t... Brushing our teeth at least twice a day maintains good dental health. This is why we invented Pandabrush—with a single goal: to make toothbrushing quicker, automatic, and more ef ficient so you have more time for the relevant things in your life.



No Bacteria

Antibacterial Silicone Removes 99.99% of Bacteria

More Free Time

Save Up to 100 Days of Your Life Using Pandabrush


Pandabrush Uses The Recommended Brushing Method by Dentists

Long Battery

Lasts 2 Weeks On Just One Charge

Low-Voltage Energy

Saves a Lot of Energy Each Time You Brush

4 Different Modes

Soft, Strong, Massage and Whitening

Works with Braces & Dental Work

It's Waterproof Too!

Easy To Use

3 Simple Steps

Superior to Electric and Regular Toothbrushes



  • 1. Soft Brushing Mode

  • 2. Strong Brushing Mode

  • 3. Gums Massage Mode

  • 4. Whitening Mode

How To Use


Pandabrush Instructions
  • 1. Squeeze pea sized drops of your toothpaste on both sides of the tray

  • 2. Put the mouth tray into your mouth

  • 3. Press the start button and wait 15 seconds

  • 4. Switch to 'Cleaning Mode' (see picture 1) and rinse the mouth tray with water

  • You're done!


Does it clean better than regular toothbrushes and other electric toothbrushes as well?

Blkpanda 360° Automatic Toothbrush is a revolutionary product which removes 99.99% of the bacteria thanks to it's unique features such as the U-shaped brush head which can rotate at a frequency of 5000 to 15000 times a minute. This guarantees superior cleaning results and the best brushing experience imaginable.

Will this fit my mouth? I'm a teen/adult/cat/alien.

Yes, it will definitely fit your mouth, the brush head is flexible so it's universal. There's only one size, so don't worry!

Is it waterproof? Can it be used in the shower?

Yes, definitely. You can use it while you shower to save time. We don't recommend you go swimming with it though.

Does it come with a charger?

Yes, the toothbrush comes with a wireless charging base and an USB cable. Charge it for 90 minutes and you're good to go!

Does the brush head need to be replaced? If yes, how often?

Just like you would with a regular electric toothbrush, the head needs to be replaced every 3 months. We suggest you get multiple brush heads to always have a reserve.

Do I need special toothpaste?

It works with any toothpaste, however you should pay attention to what toothpaste you are using. Our Day & Night Toothpaste does a great job at eliminating bacteria, improving bad breath, preventing cavities, remineralize your teeth and at removing stains on your teeth.

Do I need to use my hands or does it work hands-free?

You can use it hands-free, however if you want the best results we recommend moving the handle up and down.

How long do I have to brush?

You will have clean teeth after 45 seconds of brushing.

Is the toothbrush running quietly?

It's pretty quite actually, definitely more quiet than the old electrical toothbrushes.

If i have a braces or implants, can use them normally?

Of focuse, it works if you have braces or implants too. However, if you have braces we recommend you also use the special little inter-dental brushes to get the spots between the braces.

We know you’ll love our Blkpanda products, which is why if you haven’t achieved your desired results, contact our support team and receive your money back (see terms & conditions for more info).

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