Power Floss Water Jet


A better flossing solution which cleans in between your teeth and around braces. Easy to carry, no batteries needed.

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Ultra Clean Sensation

Your Teeth Will Feel SO CLEAN

Easy to Clean Around Braces

We Know The Struggle - But No More!

Better Results than Toothpicks

It Removes All Bacteria, Not Just Food Leftovers

100% Safe

Unlike Toothpicks

Easy To Use

No Batteries Needed

No Sensitivity

You Control The Pressure Manually


Does it need batteries?

No, it's actioned manually. You fill it with water and then manually press the button.

Does it work well with mouthwash?

Yes, we recommend you fill it with mouthwash from time to time.

Can I take this with me on trips?

It's small and portable, you can easily take it with you when travelling.

Does it completely replace manual flossing?

It's better than using toothpicks or flossing, which can hurt your gums and they are used to remove food stuck between the teeth, not to remove the hard-to-get bacteria. The Blkpanda Power Floss Water jet does both.

How do I control the pressure?

Press the button hard in one motion for a high pressure. For a low pressure, slowly and constantly press the button to release the water.

We know you’ll love our Blkpanda products, which is why if you haven’t achieved your desired results, contact our support team and receive your money back (see terms & conditions for more info).

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